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Talking With Your Angels



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Who are the angels? 4

The Different Phylum of Angels 6

A Centering Meditation 10

Automatic Writing 11

A Meditation To Open To Your Angel 14

Meditation and the 7 Steps To Inner Peace 15

Angels and Your Life Purpose Ė

It ís Not a One Man Show 18

My Personal Favorites 19

21 Ways To Be Awesome


Who Are The Angels? Angels are all around us. Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by

heavenly beings that are here to help you. Not only do they want to help you, their purpose in your life is to help you in every area.


Life is not an ďevery man for himself Ē endeavor. You can certainly live that way if you choose, but not enjoy the spiritual gifts that heaven has for you? Angels are the heavenly embodiment of God ís

energy sent to us from heaven. They love and assist us our entire lives. Before we íre born, we set

a life plan for ourselves containing the lessons we are to learn in this life and on a soul level.


Your life plan is precisely what, where and with whom you are meant to be. There ís

nothing in life more fulfilling than being on course with your life purpose, or your soul plan.It doesn ít matter if you want to be a millionaire, a business owner, or a parent Ė living your life path in this lifetime according to exactly how you planned it before you were born is by far the greatest gift and most successful accomplishment you can achieve in

this lifetime.


Now, there are two types of angels that assist you.

Guardian Angels

The Archangels


That the angels exist solely to help us? Their only purpose and reason for being is to assist us in our daily lives. That ís why it ís important for you to call on them for help in every area of your life!?- 5


When we íre born we íre given at least two guardian angels, without exception. These

heavenly souls are assigned to be with you your entire life and offer you their loving and

divine help, as well as their guidance and support according to what you have set out to

do in life. Indeed, the life experience of your guardian angels has a lot to do with the life lessons

you íve set out for yourself.

As you live your life and grow, you take on more guardian angels, especially in times

when you want, need or ask for help in your life.

Most guardian angels stay with you your entire life once they come to be with you

Our angels play a very important role in our lives.

Because they íre assigned to us at birth, they stay by our side, loving

and guiding us, until we return home. There are many different types

of angels, each with their own unique role to play in our lives.

Everyone loves angels and for good reason. They signify love,

courage, strength and guidance. It ís no wonder that people get angel

tattoos, adorn their homes with Christmas angels during the holidays

and make snow angels in winter. Some people think that angels only

exist in heaven and don ít interact with us at all.

Well, I ím here to tell you that they sure do!

First of all, did you know an angel ís wings aren ít use to fly, but rather to denote which

phylum, or level, they íre from? Each phylum has a different color wing tip and each has

a very important role to play.

Let ís take a look at the different types of angels.?- 6


The Phylums of Angels

There are ten different phylums (heirarchy) of angels, all with their own personality and

area of specialty. You can call upon them at any time, depending on your needs. They

all exist to help you while you íre here.

1. Guardian Angels

The Guardians are the first phylum. They radiate with love and glory and appear with a

beautiful white light surrounding them. The color of their wing tips is silver. The

guardians are our protectors and are here to keep us safe. They assist us with our fears

and phobias.

2. The Archangels

The Archangels are the second phylum. The four main archangels are:

1. Archangel Michael (Archangel of the South, Essence: Fire)

2. Archangel Raphael (Archangel of the East, Essence: Air)

3. Archangel Uriel (Archangel of the North: Essence: Earth)

4. Archangel Gabriel (Archangel of the West: Essence: Water)

Archangels have white wings with blue tips. Their primary purpose is healing and

they íre also messengers of hope.

The Archangels use a scepter to heal by touching us with it in the area of our body that

needs healing.

Their totem is the wolf and their element is rain. Their stone is aquamarine.

The Archangels exist to help us with our journeys here on earth. Did you really think you

were in this alone?

These powerful angels oversee the Guardian Angels and when you need a powerhouse

to help you out with a difficult area in your life, call on them right away! These heavenly

beings are there for you.

Let ís look at them a little more in-depth.?- 7


Archangel Michael - His name means: "He who is like God."

He's the Archangel of the south and his essence is fire.

Michael is the warrior, defender and protector of heaven and earth. Call upon Michael

whenever you want protection. He also removes negativity and fear from your life. I

work with Michael very often and he gets the job done!

Archangel Gabriel - Her name means "God is my strength."

She's the Archangel of the west and her essence is water.

She has a feminine energy and is associated with conception and birth, and is the

Archangel of new beginnings. If you're planning on starting a family, buying a new home

or looking for a different job, call on Gabriel.

Archangel Raphael - His name means "He Who Heals."

He's the Archangel of the east and his essence is wind.

Raphael is the Archangel of healing and his healing energies are powerful indeed! His

color is emerald green which is the color of healing. Call on Raphael to heal yourself or

someone you love.

Archangel Uriel - His name means "Fire of God."

He's the Archangel of the north and his essence is earth.

Call on Uriel for insight into your life's purpose and direction and to send you clear

messages and ideas. He lovingly answers our prayers and thoughts.

There's a lot of information on the internet about the Archangels and I strongly suggest

you invite them into your life because once you do, doors to endless possibilities will

open for you.?


3&4. The Cherubim and Seraphim

The third and fourth level of angels are the Cherubim and Seraphim. They íre known for

their beautiful singing abilities. The difference between the two is that the Cherubim

have beautiful singing voice and the Seraphim possess a vibrational/tonal ability.

Together their music is indescribable and beyond words.

They are truly the most joyous phylum of angels. They have white wings with rose

colored tips.

Their totem is the canary.

5. The Powers

The fifth phylum of angels are The Powers. Their primary purpose is healing. While the

Archangels use a scepter to heal, the Powers use their wings by sheltering you within


The Powers use their energy to heal. The electrical force that comes from them enters

your body and heals you cell by cell. They íre quite large in size.

Their totem is the falcon, known for swiftness and perseverance. Their element is the

moon. Their stone is the emerald, which possesses the healing color of green.

Their wings are white with greenish white tips.

6. The Carrions

The sixth phylum of angels are The Carrions. Their primary purpose is to escort away

dark entities when they die. Their sole mission is to stand back until a dark entity passes

into death.

The Carrions protect our world and The Other Side from darkness. They are the reason

dead dark entities don ít exist on earth.

Their totem is the raven and their element is the wind. Their stone is the opal.

7. The Virtues

The seventh phylum of angels are The Virtues.?- 9


The Virtues assist us with our life charts. They help us to make changes to our charts

whenever needed. They also help us with our life and charts on The Other Side before

we come here to Earth to live another life. They íre an incredible phylum of angels that

help to guide us before we begin our journeys here on earth.

Their totem is the dove, the symbol of peace. Their stone is silver and their element is


They have white wings with pale blue tips and a silvery blue luminescence.

8. The Dominions

The eighth phylum of angels are The Dominions. They watch over us and permanently

record our actions and good deeds in the Akashic Records. They typically don ít assist

us on the earth plane but do their work for us on The Other Side.

When we need assistance, our spirit guides will sometimes go to The Dominions

instead of The Council because of The Dominions í thorough knowledge of our charts

Their totem is the cougar, which represents strength and dignity. Their element is earth,

which signifies grounding and the lives they record. Their stone is the bloodstone.

They have white wings with maroon tips.

9&10. The Thrones and Principalities

The ninth and tenth phylum are The Thrones and Principalities and are considered the

highest phylum of angels. They represent Mother and Father God ís armies.

The Thrones and Principalities come to us when we íre in any type of danger. The

Thrones are Mother God ís army and The Principalities are Father God ís army.

You can call upon these phylums of angels to protect you or your loved ones when in a

difficult or troublesome situation.

The Thrones are more active than The Principalities, who act more as guardians-at-the-gate.

The Principalities are in charge of cities and nations and are the protectors of


spirituality and religion. They have incredible power and grace and are the highest

phylum of all angels.

Each phylum of angels are here to assist. Call upon them at any time.

They íre a gift from our Creator and are here to help you.?- 10


A Centering Meditation

As humans, we spend so much time in our minds, thinking about one thing after

another. We rarely, if ever, take time to turn off all the unimportant thoughts in order to

focus inward, where inner peace resides.

If the thought of meditation scares you,it ís really a lot easier than you think.It was

difficult for me when I first started meditating because I couldn ít keep my mind still.It ís

a problem for anyone who has never meditated.

A friend told me about The Healing Waterfall, which is a beautiful guided journey and

that ís how I learned to meditate.I recommend it to all of my students too.It ís such an

incredible way to start meditating.

This centering meditation will bring your consciousness into your heart, to the center of

your body, which is where your angel meets you. Find a comfortable quiet spot where

you won ít be disturbed. If you record this exercise, allow a minute or two between each


1. Close your eyes. Feel your breath rising and falling in your body. As you inhale,

inhale through the belly, expand it. Allow the weight of your body to push the air out.

2. Place your hands on your heart. Feel the beat of your heart, the life force energy

within you. Feel your heart pumping blood to every part of your body.

3. Keep your attention focused on your heart and your heartbeat. If your mind wanders,

simply bring it back to the center of your heart.

4. In your mind ís eye, see a flame in the center of your heart. This signifies the spark of

the Divine within you. It ís the essence of who you are. Connect to this flame and feel

what it means to you.

5. Exhale fully. When you are ready, open your eyes.

This exercise can have a wonderfully positive effect on your life. You can use it any time

of day, wherever you are, whenever you don ít feel centered and it only takes a minute

or two. You can do it at your desk, while you are sitting in your car, at a red light, etc.

When we think of the angels, we often think of heavenly beings with wings. While that is

true, they are also our closest friends and supporters. When we take the time to focus

on our Divine light within, we bring ourselves closer to our angels and their message.?- 11


The more you meditate and focus on your Divine flame within, the closer you bring

yourself to your angels.

Automatic Writing Ė Communicating With Your Angels

Our angels are assigned to us for protection, guidance and love. Even in our loneliest

moments, we íre never alone. All we have to do is call on our angels for guidance in

every area of our life.

Automatic writing has been around for centuries. People have used it to speak with their

guides, angels and loved ones in spirit.

It doesn ít require you to do anything unusual. Simply sitting in a comfortable position

with a pen and paper is all you need. If you íre like me and want to bring through

messages quicker, you can use a computer keyboard.

Now, there are two types of writing when communicating with your angels. There is

ďautomatic writing Ē and ďautomatic dictation Ē.

When you íre automatic writing, you íre not aware of what ís being written. You feel

a sort of floating sensation, as though you íre floating above your keyboard.

With automatic dictation, you íre fully aware of every word you íre writing and the

information comes to you either in your mind ís eye (clairvoyance), by hearing it

(clairaudience) or by knowing it (claircognizance).

The whole process of automatic writing is really very simple Ö.don ít complicate it

by allowing your mind to analyze whether or not it ís you or your angels.

Most people think the process is going to be hard and that they íre not ďqualified Ē to

communicate with their angels in this way. Humbug!

I assure you, you íre very qualified to communicate with your angels!

Before you begin, it ís a great idea to have a journal that you can keep solely for your

communications with your angels. As your conversations with them progress, you íll be

able to refer back to your increasing progress and read all the messages you received.

Your angels are just as excited to communicate with you as you

are with them, and there ís a very simple technique that you can

use to communicate.?- 12


You don ít need to make this a ritual with candles, incense or other types of

paraphernalia. You can certainly use them if you like, but they íre not required. All you

need is your willingness to let your angels ďin Ē no matter where you are.

Let ís get started:

Find a comfy spot to sit and relax. It can be on the floor or in your favorite chair, or

sitting up in bed.

Take several deep refreshing breaths and allow your body to relax.

Say a short prayer to elevate your energy and call in your angels such as:

ďDear God:

Please help me to hear your messages clearly through your loving angels.

Allow me to be healed in my areas of greatest need and to learn more about your truth,

love and joy.Ē

As you begin, asking a question will help your angels communicate with you. They can ít

answer you unless you ask!

ďDear Angels, what would you like to teach me today?Ē

ďDear Angels, can you please tell me about my strengths?Ē

Remember to relax and breathe. Open yourself up to your angels í energy so

you íll be in an active, receptive place.

Begin writing anything and everything that comes to mind. You may hear a single word

or a sentence. You may see an image or picture in your mind. You may get a sense of


It doesn ít matter how it comes to you, simple write it all down. Don ít allow your mind to

start analyzing what ís being written.

Don ít analyze, organize or judge, just write!

Ask your angels their names. You may hear, see or know the answer. Write down the

very first thing you get. Ask them whatever question you would like the answer to.?- 13



As you write, are you aware of what ís being written? Do you feel a floating sensation as

you write?

You íll receive your message easily but don ít stop to question it or talk yourself out of an

accurate angel communication. Our minds want nothing more than to be in control of

every situation, including automatic writing.

Don ít allow doubt to take away from your session. Simply acknowledge any feelings

that arise, then push them aside.

When communicating with your angels, you messages will be positive, helpful and

loving. Angels give with love and truth.

What you receive is what the angels want to tell you.

It may be simple or complicated, but trust what is given to you. Automatic writing and

automatic dictation are not a science. They íre both simple processes that opens you up

to receive communication from your angels.

It ís important not to ask your angels about other people as the angels don ít engage in

psychic gossip. You are their primary concern.

Once the messages slow down and you íre not receiving anything more, thank your

angels for their time.

Remember to journal your communications and as you progress with your automatic

writing, your communication with your angels will strengthen and your messages will

become longer and more detailed.

Have fun with your angels!

If you receive a message that is not joyful and loving, you may

have picked up on an energy that is not angelic. Simply ask your

angels to remove that energy and show it to the light, then call in

your angels for communication.?- 14


A Meditation To Open To Your Angel

This wonderful meditation will help you to open to your angel. It will become easier with

practice and your bond with your angel will grow stronger.

Have a notebook and pen handy. Write ďOpening to My Angel Ē and the date at the top

of the page.

1. Sit in a quiet, peaceful space with your feet flat on the floor and your eyes closed. Ask

your angel to draw closer to you. Imagine its wings softly folded around you.

2. As you slowly inhale and exhale, feel or sense the presence of your angel reaching

out to you. Ask your angel to come closer to you now. Breathe in your angel ís essence

and energy and allow yourself to feel the love emanating from your angel.

3. Bring your attention to the center of your heart. Ask your angel a question. Imagine

yourself writing the question within your heart.

4. When you feel the words to your question within your heart, open your eyes and write

your question down in your notebook. Close your eyes again.

5. With the words of your mind and in your heart, connect with the deep desire to hear

your angel ís voice. Listen in your heart Ö become aware of any feelings. Our Angels

reach out to us through our feelings. Allow the feelings to come to you and be open to

the words that arise.

6. Write down whatever you receive, whether they íre words, images or feelings.

7. Remember to thank your angel for this message.

8. Read over what you íve just received.

Notice how you feel about the message. If the words you wrote down bring tears to your

eyes or you feel moved by them, you íll know that your angel has just spoken to you.

If you íre not sure you received a message, simply close your eyes again and repeat the

process from the beginning, and ask your angel to make contact with you.

Accept whatever message you receive with gratitude. Don ít dismiss or judge what

comes through because that will shut down your heart and block communication with

your angel.

When you accept, you open, and when you íre open, you

receive?- 15


Meditation and the Seven Steps To Inner Peace

If you want to experience inner peace, you don't need to travel to exotic locations, study

with a yogi or lock yourself in a room and chant endlessly. Finding inner peace is a

matter of taking time for yourself to quietly reflect on the stillness within you.

We're all so busy rushing from one thing to another, occupying our precious time with

things that don't even need our immediate attention.

Sadly, we seldom take time for ourselves to be at peace.

Truth is, the idea of someone having 20 minutes of free time to do nothing could very

well put them in a panic! Most people wouldn't know what to do with themselves. That's

because they don't know inner peace.

Inner peace is the reflection of within. It is the focus of the quiet stillness within you that

gives you a sense of the kind of peace and relaxation that is without words.

Meditation is the secret to finding inner peace. Inner peace is the secret to spiritual

awakening and oneness with your spiritual self.

Here are some suggestions that will help you find inner peace.

1. Spend Time In Quiet Reflection

With all that's going on in the world today, one of the best things you can do to achieve

inner peace is to minimize or eliminate reading newspapers and watching the news.

When we allow our mind to absorb the negativity that's around us, we become more

detached from our spirituality and achieving inner peace.

When our mind has nothing to occupy it, it immediately feels insecure and looks for

something to fill the void. That's when we instantly turn on the TV or surf the internet,

anything to keep the mind busy.

Instead, when you find yourself with some free time, even if it's just 15 minutes, use that

time to be still, to be by yourself, to focus inward. A guided meditation will help you take

a huge leap forward toward inner peace.

2. You Are What You Think

Manifest A Miracle states that we've been conditioned to think negativity and the life

we live today is the direct result of those thoughts. Negativity thrives in the minds of?- 16


most people Ė sad but true. They thrive on bad news, they buy it, they follow it, they

seek it out. It's no wonder that so many people seem so unhappy and withdrawn,

unable to escape the self-imposed wall of negativity they've build around themselves.

We must take the necessary steps to avoid negative thinking. You'll never be able to

achieve inner peace when you're focused on the negative.

There's simply nothing at all to be gained by thinking negative thoughts.

Changing your way of thinking is not going to be easy - it doesn't happen overnight. But

what steps are you willing to take to change your life and achieve inner peace?

You are the master of your mind, not the other way around. Take control of your

thoughts and you'll not only take control of your life, but you'll achieve inner peace.

3. Simplify Your Life

"There never enough time in the day."

How many times have you heard someone say that? We fill our days up with so many

chores, tasks and mundane activities and as a result, we don't stand a chance in

achieving inner peace. Simply because we don't take the time.

You want to meditate but have to get the laundry done. You want to spend some time to

yourself but the grass has to be mowed. You want to sit down for just a few minutes but

you have to vacuum first.

When you stop placing demands on your time, you'll feel a weight lifted from your


Prioritize your time by tackling the big tasks first, plan time for yourself, then accomplish

some of the smaller tasks, but at a comfortable pace. You'll find your day a lot less

hectic and a lot more enjoyable.

4. Quiet Time Alone Is The Foundation of Inner Peace

Each day we spend our time working for someone else, taking care of our families,

cleaning, cooking, etc. Sadly, we never manage to find just 15 minutes to focus on inner


Sitting quietly and simply listening to the breath allows the body and mind to

relax.?- 17


This cultivates inner peace. There's no amount of money that will bring you inner peace.

There's nothing "without" you that can bring you inner peace. It must come from "within"

you, from within those quiet moments of solitude when there is only you and stillness.

If you have trouble stilling you mind, ask your angels to help remove those busy

thoughts so you can focus on inner peace.

5. Be Immune to Flattery and Criticism

You must remember that it's not what others think, but what you think that matters.

We certainly can listen to the criticism and flattery of others, but if we depend on them,

we rob ourselves of inner peace.

Allowing yourself to be affected by people who bestow either flattery or criticism on you

will inflate your ego which pulls you further away from inner peace.

Allow yourself to have a strong sense of confidence and self. Know that your opinions

are ultimately the ones that matter. Don't criticize anyone but instead accept them for

who they are. Leave the criticism to those who lack good judgment and self-confidence.

6. Act Selflessly

Act from the heart and reap the rewards!

Give selflessly of yourself. When we serve others in some form, the feelings of love,

happiness and inner peace will envelope you like a big hug from someone you love.

7. Avoid Criticism of Others

It's vital that we empathize with others, to put ourselves in someone else's place.

We must be aware that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind. Criticism of others is

a negative energy that deeply affects your sense of inner peace.

When we criticize, it's impossible to feel inner peace. Instead, make an effort to give

your love and energy to others in need, and in doing so that positive energy will have a

wonderful ripple effect.?- 18


Angels and Your Life Purpose It ís Not A One Man Show

Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by heavenly beings that are here to

help you. Not only do they want to help you, but their purpose in your life is to help you

on your path.

Life is not an "every man for himself" endeavor. You can certainly live that way if you

want, but why not enjoy the spiritual gifts that heaven has for you?

Angels are the embodiment of God's love and energy sent to us from heaven. They're

goal is to assist us our entire lives. Before we're born, we set a life plan for ourselves

containing the lessons we are to learn in this life and on a soul level.

Your life plan is precisely what, where and with whom you are meant to be. There's

nothing in life more fulfilling than being on course with your life purpose, or your soul


It doesn't matter if you want to be a millionaire, a parent, or a business owner - living

your life path according to exactly how you planned it before you were born is by far the

greatest gift and most successful accomplishment you can achieve.

When we're born we're given at least two guardian angels, without exception. These

heavenly souls are assigned to be with you your entire life and offer you their loving and

divine help, as well as their guidance and support according to what you've set out to do

in your life.

As you live your life and grow, you take on more guardian angels, especially in times

when you want, need or ask for help in your life.

Most guardian angels stay with you your entire life. Take advantage of their love and

guidance by asking them to help you in every area of your life.?- 19


My Personal Favorites

Guided Journeys By Max Highstein (The Healing Waterfall)

(I learned to meditate using these wonderful guided journeys!)

Holothink Deep Zen Meditations

Powerful meditations that work with the Alpha

And Beta brainwaves

Spirited Meditation?- 20


121 Ways To Be Awesome!


1. Care

If you want to be awesome, you have to care. Care about the people around you and

even people you íve never met.This is especially true if you íre blogging or a public

figure. Care about your fans and they will care even more about you.


2. Give Value

We all have something to share. Always focus on what you can do for others. What do

you love and what are you good at (or want to become good at)?


3. Be honest

Honesty feels good and is the right thing to do. But why do many choose to lie instead?

Most often it ís because it makes their life easier,or does it?It usually might seem like it

in the short-term, but in the long-term, honesty always wins.


4. Be honorable

Be honorable and respectable. This means doing the right things, keeping promises and

in general, being someone who does the right thing. Look at our world leaders today

and do the opposite.?- 21


5. Integrity

Having integrity for me means being ethical and following a moral code that is both

practical and benefits all of humanity.It ís idealistic,but it is certainly worth striving for,

isn ít it?


6. Follow your passion

Find your passion and follow it. Never give up. There is always a way to do what you

love while supporting yourself. It may not come in the form you think, so be open-minded


7. Take responsibility

You are responsible for your life.There is no one to blame.If you íre not happy with your

life or with your circumstances, you are the only one that can take responsibility and

start changing it. What are you waiting for?


8. Be positive

Being just a little bit more positive can mean a lot of things. Reading a good book,

checking out positive quotations or even watching a movie that you enjoy. The

possibilities are endless. Even though being positive is clichť and kind of irritating, it is

still useful.


9. Take action

You can dream and you can wonder, but nothing happens without taking action

consistently.You don ít ha ve to be perfect. Learn as much as you need to know the next

step and take action!


10. Be radical

Sometimes it ís good to be radical,if it ís you.Radical means different things to different

people,so I íll leave it up to you to interpret it.


11. Focus on your strengths

Stop trying to fix your weaknesses.You can ít be perfect.Focus on your strength and let

other people do what you íre bad at.?- 22


12. Do less

You can do less and live more.You don ít need more stuff.Release your cravings for

materialism. It will lead to less debt, less work and less stress.


13. Be authentic

Whatever you do,be authentic.Be yourself.I íve always been a bit of an introvert,so

this is another one of those points that I ím constantly working on.


14. Enjoy the process

When you íre do ing something you love, you will automatically enjoy the process. Goals

don ít even matter at this point.Sure,they give you a direction,but you íre loving life and

feeling awesome.


15. Be practical

You don ít have to quit your job to do what you love.You can slowly start phasing it out

by working on your passion project after you get home from work. Be practical and

realistic.Don ít just jump into your passion when you don ít have a plan.


16. Lose arguments

Why do we insist on being right all the time? Try losing arguments.It ís great fun and

interrupts patterns in people. Seeing people get confused is a lot of fun.


17. Let someone pass you in line at the supermarket

Everyone ís in a rush to get home,but what if you took a deep breathe and let someone

pass y ou?It ís unexpected and it makes people smile.


18. Quit your job

If you íre ready for it,just quit your job.There ís no need to hang onto something that you

don ít need.For the rest of you,stay put.


19. Give away stuff

How much stuff do you have that you haven ít used in the last 12 months?What about

giving it all away? I know a lot of people that have their houses full of stuff.?



20. Focus

Be aware of where your focus is.Where focus goes,energy flows.If you íre constantly

thinking about how you will fail, you will feel bad and maybe even fail. Think about how

you will succeed and you might just succeed.If at first you don ít succeed,try again.


21. Tidy up

Keep your apartment or house clean.Not saying that I ím a master of cleanliness or

anything, but it sure does feel good to have everything looking good,doesn ít it?


22. Embrace challenges

Most people avoid challenges, or as they like to call them: problems. What would life be

without challenges? Incredibly boring. We would never grow Ė at least not as fast Ė and

everything would be smooth sailing.


23. Live with power

Live with power and certainty. Power goes hand in hand with responsibility. Take action,

be confident, be yourself and trust that your intuition will guide you wherever you need

to be.


24. Practice courage

We all have our fears.By practicing courage and doing something even though you íre

afraid,you grow.New stuff is scary.I know that.You know that.Let ís do it anyway,shall



25. Surround yourself with awesome people

The people you choose as friends have a big impact on how you think and act. Do not

accept just anyone into your life. Choose your friends wisely.


26. Go with the flow

You know, the universe is constantly giving you hints and trying to pull you in one

direction. Are you not icing those hints?From now on,think about the signs you íre

getting and follow them.?- 24


27. Release expectations

Release all expectations after you íve set your goal.You never know what the universe

might deliver to your doorstep.That ís why you want to ha ve an open-mind, because

what if the universe has something better in store for you?


28. Experiment

Dare to experiment. Embrace failure, because that is how you learn and how you grow.

Being awesome means looking ridiculous and making tons of mistakes. Why? Because

it helps you become better and provide even more value.


29. Live within your means

Do you really need a car? Do you need cable T.V? We can live a lot cheaper when we

realize that we do not need a lot of the stuff we think we need. This allows you to work

less and have more free time to do what you want.


30. Slow down

Life is busy. Try to be conscious as much as possible. Breathe and slow down. Enjoy

the fact that you íre alive.Be grateful for the little things.Be grateful for the big things.


31. Use money as a tool

Money doesn ít have to enslave you.How much money do you really need?How about

having enough to do what you want, when you want to do it? Why would anyone need

more than that?


32. Dream

Let yourself dream.All my childhood I íve been told that things can ít be done,but I have

come to realize just the opposite,so let yourself dream and ignore the people that don ít

know what they íre talking about.


33. Have a kid

I don ít have a kid,yet. But I íve heard it is a life changing event,especial ly if you plan it

and stay conscious during the whole journey. It will be an interesting experience once I

have a kid or ten of my own.?- 25


34. Learn a new language

How many times have you heard or even said ďI want to learn a new language Ē?Stop

wishing and start doing. Just 10-15 minutes a day will give you results.


35. Be ridiculous

Don ít be afraid of being ridiculous or silly.In other words,just be yourself.We keep

hearing that every market is saturated nowadays. Millions of blogs are born all the time.

In this day and age you have to stand out. How do you do that? By being ridiculous. By

being yourself.


36. Enjoy nature

How long has it been since you took a walk in nature? What about sitting down in the

forest and just listening to the wildlife? Be careful if you have bears in your area though,

they can easily sneak up on you .


37. Self-discipline

Having and exercising discipline comes in handy more often than you think. We all have

weak moments in our lives when we are just about to give up.


38. Plan your day

Before you get out of bed, visualize how your perfect day would look like. How do you

want that day to go?


39. Excuses

Have you been putting off doing what you love because you íre afraid?It ís time to throw

out all the excuses and just do it. You will see that the fear and excuses fall away once

you realize that they really do not hold as much power as you think.


40. Travel

When I finished school at 18, I went to Spain a few months after that. I lived there for

almost a year. It enhanced my growth and I learned so much. I enjoy slow traveling, just

picking one country,seeing if it ís nice and then staying there.?- 26


41. Get a pet

Get a cat,dog,duck,parrot,mouse or even a panda.They íre all awesome.I like

animals. Unfortunately, I am allergic to them, but I still find ways to hangout with them

without dying. There are a lot of shelter pets that need your help!


42. Clothes

Do you really buy the clothes you want? Or do you buy the clothes you think people like

to see?I ím by no means a fashion expert,but I íve noticed this pattern in myself many



43. Backpack

Have you ever traveled with just a backpack?I did this for a month in Thailand.It wasn ít

exactly in the form I would have liked, but it was pretty interesting.


44. Couchsurf

Sleep on a co uch or share a couch.It ís called couchsurfing.People all around the world

are giving strangers a couch to sleep on.


45. Attend a concert

Sure,surround sound sounds awesome,but there ís nothing like attending a concert and

hearing music live.


46. Recycle

Everyone is talking about how the earth is dying, but are we actually doing anything

about it? Are you recycling and making sure everything ends up in the right place?


47. Re-use

Can you re-use old bottles, bags or anything in your house instead of throwing it out and

buying it again??- 27


48. Social media

If you íre not already involved in social media,get involved.Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn

and so on. They are tools to help you connect with the right people. Use them.


49. Blog

Starting a blog doesn ít mea n you have to make money. You can start a blog just to

have a home on the internet. Share your thoughts and build a community. You might

even discover your passion in the process.


50. Talk to a dolphin

I íve talked to dolphins in my sleep,but never in real life. I just have this feeling. You

have to talk to a dolphin at least once in your life.I ím going to do it soon enough,you

can quote me on that.


51. Yoda

If yoda you have not seen,then see him you must.I íve been in love with the whole Star

Wars thing ever since I saw the first movie as a child. Granted, I do not dress up as a

wookie, but I still enjoy the whole series, because somewhere out there, it actually

exists. Health


52. Relax

Stress is killing all of us slowly. Take time out of your day to relax. Meditate, be mindful,

walk, hangout with your loved ones or pet. Take a hot bath or a sauna (I love saunas)!


53. Listen to your body

What is your body telling you? Are you working too hard? Not eating enough nutrient-dense

foods? By keeping your body happy, you can keep your mind happy, which will

allow you to unleash your creativity.?- 28


54. Eat fruit

Fruits are easily digested by the human body. They also contain vitamins, minerals,

antioxidants, flavonoids and all kinds of nutrients that help keep you r body alive.It ís not

about surviving,it ís about thriving!


55. Eat vegetables

I don ít like vegetables that much.But I íve discovered that broccoli soup is quite

delicious. I also juice my vegetables with oranges. That way I get my nutrition without it

tasting horrible.


56. Drink pure water

The amount of chemicals in our tap water today is frightening. Choose spring water or

use a high quality water filtration system to ensure the purest possible drinking water.

We are made up out of mostly water, after all.


57. Sleep


Even a little bit of sleep deprivation can alter your mood and cognitive abilities. I know I

have to get my 8-9 hours of sleep otherwise I ím not going to feel like myself.


58. Exercise

You and I both know that exercise rocks,it ís just that we tend not to do it that much.

When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine and

serotonin. These are chemicals that work behind the scenes to make you feel good.


59. Eat less meat

Research studies have proven that red meat is linked to increased risk of various

diseases. The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted proves that less

meat increases health.?- 29


60. Eat light meals

Eat meals that satisfy you and nothing more. Eat slowly and listen to your body. I tend

to gor ge myself,so this is another one I ím integrating into my life.It ís funny because it ís

almost as if it is happening naturally.


61. Drink green smoothies

Smoothies are great nutritional bombs that are full of flavor, but green smoothies are

even better. You get energy without crashing. You give your body the nutrients it needs

without even tasting the vegetables in the smoothie.


62. Stop alcohol

I don ít like alcohol and I don ít enjoy being around people who are drunk.Having a sip of

wine or champagne is cool though. Studies show that moderate consumption is O.K

and even beneficial.


63. Throw away processed foods

Your body has trouble with processed foods such as sugar, sodas, candy, pasta and

practically anything that comes in a box. Eat whole, natural, fresh foods instead and

take control of your health.


64. Ride your bike

Do you even have one? I love riding those really old bikes that are made for old people.

They are super comfortable and so simple with one gear.


65. Take the stairs

Are you in love with the elevator? Skip it next time and run up the stairs. Why? Because

it ís harder and therefore infinitely more awesome.


66. Grow your own food

The ideal choice would be to grow all of your own food, but for most people that just

isn ít possible.You can still grow indoors if you want, but that takes resources and

space. Growing your own food will give you access to fresh produce that is extremely

high in enzymes and nutrients.?- 30


67. Eat sprouts

Sprouts are awesome and extremely easy to make. The only thing you need are dry

seeds, water and a bag. There are a lot of resources out there that show you how to

sprout seeds, so check them out.


68. Try martial arts

Martial arts aren ít for everyone,but if you can find something you like,it can uplift your

spirit and give you an outlet for your creativity, while keeping you fit and looking good.


69. Try yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind, body and spirit. It helps with blood

pressure, circulation, balance, body awareness, core strength and mood, just to throw a

few benefits out there.


70. Lift weights

Many have the notion that if they lift weights,they íll wake up the next morning looking

like Arnold Schwarzenegger.It ís a nice myth.Weight lifting is beneficial,but can

become boring if you don ít th row some variation in there.


71. Detoxify

The food we eat, air we breathe and water we drink is filled with pollutants, chemicals

and toxins. Cleansing and going through a herbal detoxification regimen can help your

body eliminate these toxins and improve your health.


72. Massage

Get a massage and give a massage. Getting a massage will help you release tension,

relax and be a little bit more of who you really are. I tried shiatsu a few years ago and it

was awesome.?- 31


73. Juices

Freshly-squeezed fruit and v egetable juices are nature ís multivitamins.They are

digested extremely fast and put minimal strain on your body.


74. Fast

Juice fasting and water fasting have both been proven by people all around the world to

improve health and wellbeing.If you íre plann ing a water fast, you might want to contact

someone that knows their stuff, it can get rough.


75. Take an omega-3 supplement

The benefits of fish oil have been proven over and over again. You can eat fatty fish and

get your omega-3 ís that way,but for those that do not like fish or can ít eat enough,

supplementation might be an option.


76. Take a natural multivitamin

The nutrition in our food has been slowly declining over the decades, because of the

use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. A natural multivitamin will

keep your bases covered.



77. Breathe

Remind yourself to breathe deeply through your nose and into your abdomen. Breathe

out through your mouth, slowly. This relaxes and releases stress. Focus on your breath

and notice your body and mind saying goodbye to tension.


78. Meditate

Taking time off from your busy schedule to meditate. It enhances your brain power,

mood and reduces pain sensitivity. Learning how to meditate is easy, so make time for

it. No, not someday. Now. Schedule 10 minutes right now and try it.?- 32


79. Release the how

We íre always trying to figure out how something is going to happen.Release the how.

Our brains aren ít meant to know how things are going to happen.It causes anxiety,

worry and other mental problems.


80. Volunteer

Almost every city has somewhere where you can volunteer. Go check it out and try it for

one day. You might like it.


81. Be open minded

Don ít judge a book by its cover.Be open to everything,because you never know where

it may lead. What if you tried an origami class today where you met someone that will

help you 13 years from now? You can never know.


82. Grow

Grow as a human being,a spiritual being and a conscious soul.If you aren ít growing,

you íre slowly withering away.There is no middle ground. Always push yourself. Live

uncomfortably and evolve.


83. Be grateful

Write down and think about the positive things in your life. Practice gratitude every night

before sleep. It may feel weird, but enjoying the little things you are grateful for will have

an impact on you.


84. Make connections

One of the most important things in life is making connections. My life has significantly

shifted towards making more connections and giving value, from just being someone

who does something for money. This has had a huge impact on my life.


85. Accept

Do you constantly want to change they way things are? What if you had done that one

thing differently in the past?Stop it.You íre putting yourself in mental hell.Accept what

is. Ironically, that is the first step to change.?- 33


86. Forgive

Forgive yourself and others.It will take a huge load off your back.You don ít have to

hold grudges against anyone. You are only causing anguish to yourself.


87. Patience

Nothing happens fast. I learned this the hard way. In the small amount of behind-the-

scenes coaching that I íve done I keep seeing this over and over again.People want to

make it online and they want fast results, but the truth is that you have to work hard for

6-12-24 months before anything happens.


88. Create

We all like to do something. We are made to create. Whether it is writing, painting or

singing doesn ít matter.Creating gives birth to serenity.When you íre in the flow of

creating in a form you enjoy, you will see what I am talking about. My favorite form is

writing at the moment.


89. Say hi

Just saying hi and shooting a smile at people you pass on the street can have a huge

impact on their day, and in your own life. Spreading the joy feels good.


90. Hug people

What about taking it to the next level and hugging people on the street? Start your own

free hugs campaign. That video is awesome.


91. Be aware of your beliefs

Your beliefs control what you see,what you believe and where you íre heading.If you

don ít believe that you íre awesome,then you won ít accomplish awesome things.


92. Thank as many people as you can

Go out of your way to thank as many people as you can. If you have a blog, thank your

visitors in any way you can. Give them free stuff. Send them personal e-mails. Help

them out.?- 34


93. Intuition

Take chances.Don ít be afraid to trust your intuition.For me,intuition is that feeling I get

in my heart.I feel drawn to something and it feels good.It ís not correct 100%of the time

(because I misinterpret),but it ís fun following it and se eing what happens.


94. Learn to say no

Saying no is liberating and powerful. You do not have to accept every request that your

friends or loved ones make.You control your time.If you íre afraid that your friends will

un-like you for not doing stuff, then they aren ít really your friends.


95. Release labels

When we look at someone we automatically put a label on them and often we íre wrong.

Think about all those times you analyzed someone and thought you were right. When

you met them and talked to them you realized how wrong you were.


96. Imagine

Imagine how you would like to be. Confident, charismatic, funny and whatever else you

fancy. Now think of how that version of you acts and lives their everyday life. Then

imitate them.


97. Be present

There ís no need t o dwell on the past or the future. Take your awareness and plant it in

the now. Be aware of your body, thoughts and feelings. Just observe them and allow

them to be.


98. Embrace Imperfection

We have to be perfect. Never fail. Failure was frowned upon when I was a kid, so I grew

up thinking I had to be perfect.Took me a long time to realize that it wasn ít necessarily

so.It ís okay to be imperfect.It ís human.?- 35


99. Ask for help

Don ít be afraid to ask for help.If you have trouble,reach out to someone and ask for

their assistance.We can ít always do things on our own.


100. Respect people

Show people respect.This is a big one.I wasn ít good at showing others respect just a

few years ago.I ím learning though and doing my best.


101. Trust

Trust others. There are a lot of good people out there that will help you.I ím not saying

you should trust anyone blindly though. But I think you know what I mean.


102. Release negative people

You don ít have to hang around negative people,you know?They are there to teach yo u

that. Let them go and say good bye.


103. Listen to others

Listen to what people have to say.Don ít you feel appreciated when someone has 100%

of their attention on you? Do the same.


104. There is no spoon

You create your reality. Realize that you have the power to create what you want. If you

don ít agree then you have a few beliefs to let go of.


105. Ego

The ego has its tasks, but it has taken the population of Earth hostage. You can free

yourself by breathing and allowing it to be as it is.



106. Release negativity

There are a lot of good tools to release negative emotions, beliefs and thoughts. Two of

my favorites are Emotional Freedom Technique and the Sedona Method.?- 36


107. Use NLP

Ever heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming?It ís basically taking control of your brains

operating system.It ís another tool that you might find useful.


108. Journal

Writing down your thoughts will help you gain clarity. Since I started writing my decision-making

has been sharper and more awesome. By journaling you can learn more about

yourself and therefore improve your life and at the same time affect those around you in

a positive way.


109. Simplify your life

Throw out superfluous goals, things and stuff in general. External purging affects your

internal state.Don ít you just feel better when you give or even throw old stuff away? I

know I do.You do too,you just can ít admit it,can you?


110. Have goals

Write down your goals.They don ít have to be incredibly meticulous.Just having them in

writing gives them more power.You íve heard the stories, someone writes down a goal

and forgets about it, then they find it 10 years later and you know the story .


111. Read

Reading teaches you things.Secret things.Did you know that most people don ít read?

That means you íll know many secrets that they don ít,just by reading books.Two of my

favorite books are the Power of Now and Way of the Peaceful Warrior.


112. Throw out your T.V

How much time do you spend watching T.V?I haven ít watched television regularly for a

very long time. It frees up amazing amounts of time.If you watch 2 hours a day,that ís

730 hours per year,or 4.34 weeks per year.It ís time to kill your T.V.


113. Stop reading the news

How often have you felt happy after reading the news?It ís filled with propaganda,

manipulated stories and bombs.

Why read it?

It doesn ít do you any good.?

114.Don ít multitask

I ím a huge multi -tasker and addicted to it.I don ít really want to change that habit right

now, but I have noticed that whenever I focus on one thing, magic happens more often

than not.


115. Enjoy music

I tend to only listen to music while I do other things. One day I put on music and sat with

my eyes closed. It was as if another world had opened up. Everything seemed different.


116. Turn off your phone

I íve had my phone turned off a lot.I íve even stopped answering the phone when it rings.

I guess that ís one of the reasons why people don ít call me anymore.But on a more

serious note,it ís relaxing .


117. Turn off your IM

Did you think I was going to let you have your Instant Messenger on? Shut it down! In

fact,I ím going to shut mine off right now.There,it ís done.Try it.


118. Learn your values

What are your true values in life? Do you value integrity? Honesty? What about love?

How about money? Which one is #1?


119. Prioritize

People say they don ít have time,when in reality they íre saying they lack priorities.If you

don ít have time to follow your passion,you don ít really care about feeling fulfilled and

awesome. Learn how to eliminate and discriminate.


120. Keep it simple

Keep things as simple as necessary, but no simpler.


121. Death

Remind yourself that you are going to leave this earth eventually. This will melt away

any obstacles that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Henri Juntilla










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